Tera Yaar Hoon Main - तेरा यार हूँ मैं - Ep 127 - Coming Up Next


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About Tera Yaar Hoon Main :
Rajeev Bansal, a simpleton is blessed with a happy loving family. But with the passage of time, he desires to befriend his son Rishab, who shares a really close bond with his mother Jhanvi. Rishab confides in his mom, shares his banal moments with her but doesn’t share the same rapport with his father. Here’s a slice of the live show that depicts how a father tries to build his friendship with a hesitant son and nurtures their relationship with his warmth and understanding.


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    Best show

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    Now Just Imagine........ How Many People...... Are here When you Watching This Video.......... 🙏💖😍😍

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    This show has changed from "father son relation" to "father-mother Ko alag Karo mission"

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    Ff ▶️ player

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    Reply using you

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    Barlwinder bagga wow and wow rishu and trrishala just beacuese you re girl and Varun yo yo

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    What is real name of barry

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    Barry real name is viraj kapoor

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    Bap bap hi hota hai

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    I M

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    Mne kabhi show nhi dekha par kya app mujhe bta sakte h ki kon Rishu h aur kon beri

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    @Munesh Kumar its ok l am also a daughter and ye mera account h. Infect iss show me daughter k liye bhi h behen. By the way how old are you l mean in collage or school?

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    @ shreya verma Thanku soooooo much but i am not son i am daughter this is not my account

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    Tera yaar hu main baap bete ki story h. aur bete ka roll play karne wale rishab bansal h aur daljeet ke bete ka naam barry balwinder h. If you are are intrested in this show then watch from 1st ep. If you are a son then you will definitely like show

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    Any college and school students here ❤️

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    Aladin season 4 ❤❤😭😭😭😭

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    Rajiv sakal to hi lechar lgda..a

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    *"" Any school and college students here..........*

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    In tv when I Will search it with not come this show episode

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    Barrister babu ke Rasiya aur Somnath

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    I interested in trideviyaan season 2

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    Also aladdin and pritam pyaare aur woh

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    I have changed this shows name from tera yarr hu main to Gal pucchaa

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    Yeah i only watch this show for twinkle

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    Thank u guys. For likes can I get 25 likes

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    We Went Aliddin Season 4

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    No , we dont want it

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    I am so excited for next episode in the Tera yaar hoo main

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