Ep 420 - Captain Randhawa Mourns - Left Right Left - Full Episode


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Episode 420:
Captain Randhawa is seen mourning Cadet Vidya's death and is consoled by Captain Abhimanyu where he assures him that they will fight back this time in a power packed way. They all will including the cadets will avenge her death.
About the show -
The show is based on Kanchanjunga Military Academy where soldiers are trained to serve the nation. Naveen Singh Ahluwalia who is the narrator of the show tells his story about how he was framed and labeled as a Traitor. The Academy is helmed by Brigadier Chandok and his team of army officers. The story narrates the plot of six youngsters who comes from various backgrounds to take admission to the Academy. These youngsters are Naina Singh, Amardeep Huda, Ali Baig, Aalekh Sharma, Yadhuvansh Sahni, and Pooja Ghai. Together they join the army and become cadets to serve the nation.


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