Baalveer Returns - Ep 288 - Full Episode - 28th January, 2021


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Episode 288: Timnasa Manipulate The Kids
Timnasa is trying to manipulate the kids and Ananya by saying once all the trees on earth will be destroyed will get to live in Patal Lok. Baalveer tries to figure out what all the kids and Ananya are doing. Watch the full episode.
About Baalveer Returns:
After Pari-lok, the home of benevolent fairies was destroyed by a mighty evil, Timnasa. Baalveer takes shelter in Veer-lok along with a few Paris who had survived the massacre. There, under the guidance of the wise old white lion Shaurya, Baalveer and Pari's are instructed to find the successor of Baalveer at the earliest, since he was immensely injured during the war and will need to team up a new Baalveer to further fight the battle with evil. This search for the next Baalveer takes them to earth, where they discover Vivan, who lives in an old society of Mumbai. He is the naughtiest kid, an ardent fan of Salman Khan, and a non-believer of Baalveer and his powers. This adds to the misery of Baalveer because unfortunately, this undisciplined, non-believer kid is the real successor of Baalveer. What follows is the challenging journey of Baalveer and his team to make Vivaan the next Baalveer with some eccentric characters, childish games and lots of magic on earth and the respective loks, while the imminent threat of Timnasa and the mystery behind her origin continues to play a part.
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    I am big fan of baalveer return

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    Great vivan

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    Very good Vivian and debu bhaiya

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    Will Baalveer become muslim ☪️

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    Nice episode

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    sk Khan

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    I love you balveer

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    Jo jo apni Pyari Pyari Khubsurat Aankhon Se a is comment ko dekh raha hai bhagwan ko Unki Mata Pita ko lambi Umra De

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    Nice to hear from you thanks for the

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    a biggest fan of this show

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    Hi Ballveer

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    fan of this show

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    came back to see after years, lol baalveer isn't cute anymore (Not saying I hate him)

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    where is arohi✨

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    Love you all 💖💖💖💖💖❤❤❤🤍🤍🤍💚💚💚💞💓💓💓💜💙💙💙❣❣💛💛💛🧡🧡💕💖💖💖❤💙💜💓💞💚🤍

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    We are happy to see timnasa back

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    Love this show

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    Vivan is cute

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    Gjb serial

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    Ananya ke pass living thing to kuch bana pati

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    Dil se bulaya balveer aaya dialog is good

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    Baalveer kaise aehaia aha raha ho

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    Balveer aahaia aha jahaio

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    Nice video

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    Vivaan so Funny and Good job

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    Hello debu bhaiya hello ananya didia

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    Manju Beautiful And Ananyan No Beautiful

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    All episodes is Fantastic and fabulous very nice

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    Baal veer episode 347 kab aaega

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    I like u ray bcz u r muslim

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    Tauba tauba is so funny😂

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    Very close friend ❤️ Vivaan and baalveer love

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    i like annaya hairstyles

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    Ap baty gyn balver return khn lagy ga

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    45 tread 2o 54 p8i5i7r7s4w6e6758

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